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“Thousands Now Make Money Online Who Never Thought They Could – Do You?"

Ever Attended An Internet Marketing Coaching Class, Seminar, Workshop Or Boot Camp . . . And  When You Tried To Follow What The Speaker Said Later, Nothing Seems To Work?

Date: Saturday, 21st Nov 2009
Time: 3.47 am
From: Roger Loh, Internet & Business Coach

“Hi my name is Salamah.

“I’ve attended 3 Internet and workshops. Right after these seminars, I’m back to square one. I’ve spent a lot of my money on these seminars, more than $3,000.00. Yet I found that I’m still a newbie. My problem is I need a tutor to coach me as I believe Internet marketing is easier to learn by somebody hand-holding you.

“I joined this class conducted by Roger Loh since March 2007.  Within 3 months, I’ve gained a lot. Now, I’m able to do affiliate marketing and able to use most of the strategies.  For example, PPC, forum marketing, article marketing, blogs, email marketing, Squidoo, classified and so on.

“I’m really happy that I’m able to understand the jargon of the Internet and I feel so rewarded. My coaching class is worth the money which is the fraction of the amount I had spent on my Internet seminars.

“I would recommend all those out there who are in my shoes to really get somebody to coach yourself. Roger Loh is an expert in Internet marketing and he can help you too.”

Salamah Hussein Shah,
Retired Teacher, Singapore

Hi friend,

If you ever struggled to learn how to make money online like my first student Salamah above...


"I usually do not do public praise of courses that I attended... but I can only say that the value we got during the 2 day course was absolutely amazing..." 

~ Matthias Gelber, July 2008
"Greenest Man on the Planet!"

Hi guys - I am just back from the course that Roger ran in Penang.

- I usually do not do public praise of courses that I attended and I am very very cautious on what products or services I support, but I can only say that the value we got during the 2 day course was absolutely amazing. And I am sharing this with you without any self interest or affiliate marketing deal etc... - I am sharing it because I am amazed...

I had never imagined that at the end of two days I would have been able to set up my own page with email squeeze and PayPal payment + weblog + html pages with videos...+++ and that all with the free tools we got and the references that Roger gave us for software download. It is actually a very empowering feeling.....

I am sharing this with you as it would be a loss if this course would not be able to benefit so many more GBI graduates in the future that might be wasting time trying to figure out how to do all of this by themselves.....

Roger - thanks for the amazing course - I want to acknowledge the great value you are giving!!!


Matthias emailed a group of *GBI Graduates voluntarily after attending my workshop in Penang in July 2008.

* GBI stands for Guerilla Business Intensive - a course conducted by world-famous business guru - in Singapore in June 2008.


"I highly recommend Roger's Basic Internet Skills (BIS) workshop... "

~ Bruce Seah, September 2008
Asia's No. 1 Home-Based Business Coach

I highly recommend Roger's Basic Internet Skills (BIS) workshop to people who really need help on the basic Internet skills to promote their business and make money online.

Marketing is all about giving value and I sat through Roger's workshop to experience the value he is offering to his participants so that I can confidently recommend it to my friends!

Bruce Seah
Asia's No. 1 Home-Based Business Coach

Bruce is a 15-year veteran in home-based business and emailed me after sitting through one of my workshops not long ago.



"The Basic Internet Marketing course was easily the best value for money - and honestly, it is not just the money, but the sense of dedication, service and commitment to clients."

~ Alan Au Yong, September 2008

The Basic Internet Marketing course was easily the best value for money - and honestly, it is not just the money, but the sense of dedication, service and commitment to clients.

You have gone the extra mile to make internet that much more engaging and experiential. In spite of the usual technical glitches, I would rate this 9 over 10. Very satisfied at the end of the day with the generous package which is definitely worthwhile attending.

Alan Au Yong


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. . . or if you're just starting out to learn how to make money online - like Catherine Khoo below - then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

“My name is Catherine Khoo and I attended Roger Loh's Basic Internet Skills. It's a really hands' on course and I enjoyed it very much.

But most important, it's not about enjoyment but it's about understanding the intricacies of the Internet. And ... in these few sessions that I have attended, I think basically he covered everything. It's just now implementing it which I have to do myself.

I'm a complete newbie to basically Internet skills. And... well, when I have some products I want to market and I guess, after attending his course, I think I know how to market it and I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn the Internet but ... do not know the first thing about that and about marketing your skills on the Internet.”

Catherine Khoo Founder of
Young Author's Scheme, Singapore

Having been through countless Internet marketing seminars, workshops and boot camps myself, guess what I've found?

Before I get to that...

... just in February 2008, I even flew round the world (literally) to attend Rich Schefren's New Beginnings Seminar 2008 (more info here) held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, USA!

LATEST UPDATE: I just returned from PPC Classroom LIVE! and Butterfly Marketing 2.0 workshop LIVE! in Las Vegas in May/Jun 2009.

There's a lot of awesome learning there and I'll share whatever that's appropriate during this 2-Day Internet marketing skills workshop!

And This Is What I Found. . .

Many seminar participants are lost, especially the 'newbies' (a term commonly used to refer to those who are new to Internet marketing).

I discovered that there's a gap... indeed, a w-i-d-e gap between what they know and what they are taught by the Internet marketing trainers or speakers during the seminar...

But it's not their fault.

Because it's like asking a 5-year old to skip kindergarten, primary and secondary school altogether and go straight to University!

Will they survive? You bet!

These newbies tried very hard to follow the trainers or speakers during the seminar, much like workers trying hard to construct buildings without foundation.

If it's not the fault of the newbies, then whose fault is it?

  • Could it be the seminar organizer who did not make clear what prerequisite skills the participants must have before attending the seminar?  Possibly.

  • Or. . . perhaps, could it be the trainer or speaker who did not slow down to ensure that the newbies understand before they move on?   But, just think  . . if they slow down, how much can the trainer cover in 1 or 2 days?

Let me put in bluntly to you:  It's NOT the responsibility of the Internet marketing seminar speaker/trainer to build your foundation.

So, I don't blame seminars because seminars are not really meant to teach you the really basic stuff. . . 

. . . they're meant to give you insights to the latest happenings, updates and broad brush strategies PLUS an opportunity to network with fellow like-minded participants who might develop into long term business partners or even friends.

So. . . What Does A 'Newbie' Need?

Another seminar?

Oh NO!

"Keep your money, my friend!  In fact, I've personally seen people still struggling to get started after attending more seminars than me in one year and $50,000 poorer!"

Recognize the fact that what a 'newbie' needs is NOT another seminar  (I repeat, NOT another seminar!)

Let me try to make this clearer. . .

For example, I attended the World Internet MEGA Summit in May 2007 in Singapore, the BIGGEST Internet Business Event in the world where I estimated 3,000 people attended!

You might be there too. In just 4 days, we heard more than 10 strategies from the speakers!

But don't you think that it's crazy?  That's EXTREME Information overload, don't you agree? No wonder everyone is overwhelmed.

Were you there? Maybe you were not there after all ...

But ... what about the weekend seminar in November 2007 when Derek Gehl, the CEO of Internet Marketing Center, was in Singapore and around 500 people attended?

Almost single-handedly, Derek taught us for two full days!!  In fact, I've never seen anyone like Derek delivered so much contents in a seminar - it brought back old memories of University days where I had to copy notes nonstop by hand - and oh my ... my hand almost cramped. Again, we were overwhelmed with information!

I firmly believe that every strategy that he shared works. No doubt about it.

However, when a newbie gets back home and try to follow the so-called step-by-step notes they took, they'll soon realize that there are lots of challenges, obstacles and missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, some of which will take them literally hours or even days (if not weeks or months) to overcome.

Alright, I did oversimplify a bit over there... it takes not just time in terms of weeks and months to figure things out... it WILL take a lot of money too! How much? That depends on the course they enrolled - if it did not work out - they have to look for another course provided...

Provided they have not given up hope yet. So, it's really more than just time and money. It's the DEATH of their dream of having an Internet lifestyle! (It's really sad that these things are happening... )

So, coming back to our discussion here. . . what does a 'newbie' need?

They need to build up a good foundation first. 

Yes, no kidding. A foundational course is what they need... no bells, no whistles.

When was the last time you saw the construction of a building from the top down? Of course not. Why do we go to primary school first and not straight to college or university? Build our foundation first, of course.

So why is it that when people want to make money online, they go straight to 'university'? Or is it because they think making money online is a get-rich-quick scheme?

If making money online is like a pie in the sky, why did the gurus on stage at all these events tell you how they struggled for years before they had their breakthrough? If that's the case, why are they telling you that it's easy to make money online?

I know all this sound perhaps a little controversial, but that's not my intention. All I want to do is to lay out the facts plain and simple... and you be the judge...

If these gurus took many years to build their business to where they are today, then how do you expect to build an online business quickly?

To sum up... that means anyone starting out to make money online need to learn and become efficient in their INTERNET MARKETING SKILLS first. . . before they could benefit from attending any seminar that teaches them to make money online.  Period.

What are Internet Marketing Skills?

Here is a summary of some of the foundational stuff that newbies must understand before they can really take off  (which we cover in our Internet Marketing Skills' course):

- What is the essence of Internet marketing?

- What are different ways of making money online?

- How to register their own domain names and web hosting account?

- Introduction to affiliate marketing (meaning selling someone's products or services for a commission)

- What is direct response marketing and how this is extensively applied in Internet marketing?

- How to create a direct response web page?

- What is an autoresponder and how it can help you automate your online business 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week?

- How to add an opt-in form to a direct response web page to collect names and email addresses of prospective customers?

Download This FREE Ebook Worth $47.00 Now...

"An Internet Marketing Overview You Wish You Had Read When You Started!"

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(We respect your email privacy.)


Internet Marketing / Wealth Creation Seminars, Workshops, Boot Camps I attended:

World Internet Summit, Singapore, 2006

World Internet Mega Summit, Singapore, 2007

World Internet Summit, Malaysia, 2007

Internet Wealth Code, Singapore, 2006

Internet Wealth Code, KL, Malaysia, 2006

T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar, Singapore, 2007

T. Harv Eker's Life Direction Intensive Seminar, Singapore, 2008

T. Harv Eker's Train The Trainer Seminar, Singapore, 2008

Stephen Pierce's Unleash Your Marketing Genius, KL, Malaysia 2006

Derek Gehl's How To Start An Internet Business, Singapore, Singapore 2007

Ewen Chia's Affiliate Windfall 1-Day Workshop, Singapore, 2007

Ewen Chia's Autopilot Internet Income 2-Day Workshop, 2007

Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin's 2-Day Internet Marketing Seminar, Singapore, 2006

Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin's 2-Day Internet Marketing Seminar, KL, Malaysia, 2006

Dr Mike's Asia AdSense Immersion Boot Camp, Singapore, 2006

David Cavanagh's 2-Day Internet Marketing Workshop, Pattaya, Thailand, 2006

Fabian Lim Internet Marketing Boot Camp, Singapore, 2007

Gordon Lee's 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Workshop, Singapore, 2006

Johan Mok's Web Alchemy Workshop, Singapore, 2007

Johan Mok's Web Copywriting Workshop, Singapore, 2007

Other Back End Coaching Programs (eg. Christopher Guerriero's Instant Author Program)

And many other wealth creation and personal development events... as well as webinars and membership clubs

Here's my real life experience as a seminar attendee:

Shh! More often than not, they're meant to sell you something at the end!  Have you ever attended those seminars where the speakers are more interested to sell you their backend coaching and products instead of teaching you?

Now let me tell you a personal experience...at one seminar I attended, there was an Internet marketing guru who wanted to sell 10 seats for his coaching course. However, he only sold 5 seats. Guess what? Instead of focusing on how to coach these 5 students who put their faith and trust in him, he was visibly 'unhappy' walking around the room muttering under his breath that he only got 5. And I was one of the unfortunate 5!

A newbie had to find many missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle...

He/she would perhaps take months or years to figure out some really simple stuff that could be learned in minutes if given to them in an organized and systematic manner.

And obviously, it will cost not hundreds, but typically thousands of hard-earned dollars.

As you can see (in the side bar), there are many ways you can build your foundation in Internet marketing. But each of the methods either take lots of time and/or cost a fortune.

With this in mind, together with my team of experienced Internet marketers, we run coaching classes NOT for large groups like in a seminar  5,000 , 500  or  100  students but for small classes of up to 30 or 40 students (just like the usual class size in a primary school) so that we can give YOU the attention that you deserve to:

  • Ensure you understand: We'll even slow down for you if you need some time to catch up and follow the hands' on assignments.

  • Save you time: We'll help you cut through the jungle of information to get to just the necessary and organized information, not heaps of information that are dumped upon you causing unnecessary information overload!

  • Minimize your investment: Due to the class size, you will pay a very reasonable rate of just S$25 per hour, not thousands of dollars!

Who Am I To Teach?

You're probably thinking...who am I to help you start your Internet business to make money online?

The answer is SIMPLE: As mentioned in the beginning of this letter, I've been through countless events.

At first, I was confused after each event so I know exactly how you feel, what are your struggles and challenges. Call it this: we're in the same boat before!

But due to my engineering background and... more than a decade of computer system integration experience as well as many years of marketing experience, I belong to the 5% who figured out what to do after attending numerous seminars, workshops and boot camps and other coaching courses by numerous guru's (you probably know some of them), burned lots of midnight oil and learned the hard way just to put the various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. To say the least, it's worst than taking the final year University Engineering degree exam!

So, I'm in the perfect position to take you by your hand so as to help you build a good foundation by imparting the necessary internet marketing skills to you so that you can move on to your Internet 'dream' lifestyle.

Don't believe a word I say ... just take a look at what our previous students say:

NOTE: This workshop was formally run under 'AutoProfit-TEAM' which focuses on building passive income streams. Since Sept 2008, it is held under Internet Business Coaching Pte Ltd. However, students will be invited but not obligated to participate in the 'passive income' building activities of AutoProfit-TEAM during and/or after the workshop.


"I would recommend anyone who want to start their
online business to attend AUTOPROFIT TEAM's course

which is not only systematic, it is also at a fraction
of the costs of what other gurus charge!"

Hi my name is Jason...

"I’ve attended the World Internet Mega Summit two months ago.

"After the seminar, I signed up for a Basic Internet course with AutoProfit Team

"And that's where I get to learn to set up blogs and put in AdSense

"And in just 2 days, I earned my 1st 13 US cents which are very significant to me.

"It's not the amount but it's my first 13 cents ! which is my 1st amount I earn online with the guidance and dedication from my coaches Roger and Kum Chee as well as my course mates who are together in this Internet course where we learn our basic foundation skills.

"I would recommend anyone who want to start their online business to attend AUTOPROFIT TEAM's course which is not only systematic, it is also at a fraction of the costs of what other gurus charge!"

Jason Lee, Internet Entrepreneur

"I am very pleased to inform you that my website has reached page 1 ranking for both Google and Yahoo. In fact, under the keyword "security Cameras", I am ranked No4 (world) and No 1 in Singapore."

Hi Kum Chee

I am very pleased to inform you that my website has reached page 1 ranking for both Google and Yahoo. In fact, under the keyword "security Cameras", I am ranked No4 (world) and No 1 in Singapore.

I have attached the pdf for your reference.

I can only attribute this to the excellent job you are doing in teaching us internet marketing and I am most happy to say that I got this listing without spending any advertising $.

Thank you once again and keep up the excellent work.


Ler Wee Meng
Managing Director
Securevision Pte Ltd
H/P: 96376849 Tel: 65833672
ler (at) securevision (dot) com (dot) sg
Security Alarm, CCTV Cameras, Door Locks



"I would like to urge everyone who wanted to start
Internet Marketing to stop searching for
your answer. This is the course for you!"


That"s Me

"I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Auto Profit Team for organizing “Basic Internet Marketing” course.

"Especially to Kum Chee for her support and patience to the class, and I really appreciate her commitments towards our success in learning.

"Also to Kelvin for his strong support during our lesson, his care and concern has made each and every one of us comfortable throughout the course.

"Last but not least, to Roger the Co-founder of Auto Profit Team; for his smooth running of the team.

"I have started this course with zero knowledge about internet marketing, and now I am on my way to make my first profits!! hahaahha

"I would like to urge everyone who wanted to start Internet Marketing to stop searching for your answer. This is the course for you! Because it will give you the head start, step by step guide and practical mentoring, which is unfound in the market."

Sebastian Sim, Trader



I would like to thank the Autoprofit Team again for their awesome coaching!!

Hi Kum Chee,

Just to share this testi with you and your team;

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking that since I have made a few bucks from Adsense, I decided to check on one of my other “money making” tools in my blog; Auction Ads. First I didn’t really expect anything fantastic to happen. However, when I login to my account, I was so surprised to have earned $25 from there. This has made me even more motivated to push on for higher success!!

I would like to thank the Autoprofit Team again for their awesome coaching!!

Warmest Regards



"I just want to share with you that I had completed
my website
and in the process of
implementing the squeeze page..."


"Good news, Roger!

"I just want to share with you that I had completed my website and in the process of implementing the squeeze page using the Getresponse autoresponder.

"I really want to thank you.

"Because I think I will not be able to assemble a website or host it without your clear, straight-to- the- point instructions, necessary links, practical tips, advises during mentoring etc. ...all the helps one needs, in so short a time.

"With your imparted knowledge and mentoring class, I am now more confident to pursue further business ideas in the pipeline.

"I would strive to maintain my presence in your team.

"Thank you so much."

Dennis Chan

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'Internet Marketing Skills'
2-Day Workshop

As this is a workshop - which means that you really work - we can't be taking in hundreds or thousands of students and enjoy the massive economy of scale just like those big seminars.

My team and I can only help a small group of select students who have the desire to build up their foundation so that they can start to make money in 2009! (If you're not, please don't bother to enroll as I rather save the opportunity for someone else.)

The hallmark of our workshops is...

You will be doing exercises LIVE! We don't just talk about registering domain names and web hosts but...

...we actually walk you through HANDS' ON on your laptop

...which means that we sometimes run into real, practical issues that we will assist you to resolve there and then... with the aim of helping you acquire the necessary skills.

Kum Chee (my business partner with more than 10 years of computer systems integration experience and currently specializes in Pay Per Click to make money online) conducting our 1st class in early 2007.


Here's a workshop I conducted in Singapore in July 2008 where the participants enjoyed sharing with each other what they learned


Here's a workshop I conducted in Penang in July 2008 where some participants flew in from KL to attend.




Founder, Internet Business Coaching Pte Ltd

Mobile: (65)96840454

  • Conducted 2-day Accelerated Affiliate Marketing Workshop in Penang on 10th & 11th May 2008 and received many rave reviews. (click here for more information)

  • Conducted 2-day Basic Internet Skills Workshop in Penang on 12th & 13th July 2008 and received many testimonials including an UNSOLICITED testimonial.

  • Certified Trainer trained by Mr. T. Harv Eker, the founder and president of Peak Potentials Training, the fastest growing personal development company in North America in his prestigious 'Train the Trainer' program.


  • Invited to speak at “2008 MIRC ICT Seminar - Develop Your Online Business” in Penang, Malaysia in February 2008.

  • Participated as Ewen Chia’s student in his RealInternetIncome 2-Day event in Singapore in September 2007

  • On 30 March 2007, as part of AutoProfit-TEAM, he joined Success University, a reputable online education Internet marketing business, and achieved the rank of Director in 17 days. (For details, see Press Release at the link:

    (opens in new window)

  • Conducted Internet marketing and various other workshops (like Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Skills, Facebook, Email Marketing, Copywriting) in Singapore since early 2007

  • Owned and operated BMS Computerisation Services, a computer systems integration firm (and first HP solution centre) for 10 years in the early 2000s.



How Can 'Newbies' Build Their Foundation?

"There is more than one way to skin a cat."

Option #1 - Learn by trial and error: If they have lots of time on hand, this might be a good approach as they will learn firsthand what works and what does not

Option #2 - Buy all the ebooks out there on the Net:That will cost a fortune and as you already know, some ebooks are really crappy and still, there will be many missing pieces

Option #3 - Attend courses at commercial computer schools: They have to attend many different courses in order to pick up all the relevant skills necessary and this will not only cost a fortune but take  lots of time too

Option #4 - Get a coach or tutor: This seems to be a good option as it will likely save a lot of time as long as the coach is an effective teacher but it might cost a fortune

Option #5 - Get a friend to teach: This seems to be a good option as it will likely save some money but it will take you lots of time. Simply because your friend, like everyone else, is likely to be busy and may not be there when you need his or her help

Some Testimonials...

"I would highly recommend people who want to learn about internet making to sign up for this great course by AutoProfit Team."

“I have not attended any internet course before and this is the first time I attend 'Basic Internet Skill' course organised by the AutoProfit Team.

“During this course, I have managed to learn the basic skill of registering my very first domain name, hosting and setting up my blog. It's indeed very exciting.

"I will like to express my deepest appreciation to Kum Chee, Roger and Kelvin for making the effort to conduct this course.

"I would highly recommend people who want to learn about internet making to sign up for this great course by AutoProfit Team."

Alan Gan, Employee


"Hey, listen up; if you are searching for the course to guide you in your Internet Business, you have landed at the right place! Yes, I am going to repeat it again, YOU have LANDED at the RIGHT PLACE!"

Hi, I am Lily,

Are you really SERIOUS about your internet business, then you MUST get yourself a good Coach. How can you find them?

I had attended various seminars and workshops but after all, the question just popped out in my head? You could ask yourself these questions too – Are they impactful, are they influencer and are they so profound that you are able to put what you learn into action? Are they able to SCAFFOLD you – that is to bring you a level higher.

This is very important as it builds your confidence and thus then you have the faith in your business and looking forward for the next higher level. I am who I am right now is because I had attended Basic Internet Skills with a group of wonderful coaches, Kum Chee, Roger and Kelvin. Stop searching for now! This is the perfect course for the Internet Business Beginners. I have greatly increased in my confidence and now looking forward to move on to the next higher level.

Thank You Autoprofit-team again! Hugs…

Lily Yap,
"Stay At Home Mum"



First Website

First Opt-in Page


First Blog


Current Blog


"I have attended a few Internet courses and must
say that this course is unlike the others out there. It is not only theoretical but also practical."

"Hi my name is Toy Him.

"I have attended a few Internet courses and must say that this course is unlike the others out there. It is not only theoretical but also practical.

"Kum Chee is very knowledgeable on what she is teaching. She is very patient and had often gone overtime just to make sure she covered the topics well and that we understand. The team members are also helpful and willing to share.

"The AutoProfit Team charges only a fraction of what others charge. It is a course potential Internet marketers/ entrepreneurs should attend.

"It is good to learn together with other like-minded students and encourage one another in our journey.

"Thank you, Roger, Kum Chee and Kelvin for these past weeks of learning."

Toy Him, Part-time Employee
“I assist my husband in his
Internet marketing business”


"The Basic Internet course has given me
a very solid foundation in internet marketing."

"The Basic Internet course has given me a very solid foundation in internet marketing. It has equipped me with good fundamentals and practical tools.

"Roger Loh's teaching is one that gives clarity and focus to the entire internet realm. I strongly recommend those who wants hands-on experience in learning the intracacies of internet marketing that you shouldn't miss Roger's course. I got more than what I expected.

Sim Chow Boon
Business Entrepreneur






Who Should Attend: This is targeted at the 'newbie' who is already conversant with basic computer skills like text editing, sending emails and surfing the Internet.

NOTE: We do NOT cover basic skills like cut and paste, email or surfing skills during the workshop. However, if time permits, our instructors will strive to explain as much as we can as necessary to help you understand and grasp the course contents.

When: The workshop comprises 2 full day sessions as follows:

Workshops Dates Time

Sat & Sun 19-20 Dec 2009

9 am to 7 pm

Sat & Sun 15-16 Jan 2010


Sat & Sun 27-28 Feb 2010


Sat & Sun 13-14 Mar 2010

* We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the workshop due to various reasons


We conduct this workshop every month. Even if you cannot attend the workshop on the above dates, you still can attend during other months...up to 30th June 2010.

As long as you enroll TODAY, you are making a wise decision because you are reserving your seat at this Celebration Offer Price which will NEVER BE REPEATED again. So, ACT NOW before it's gone!

Click here to ENROLL NOW


  • Learn an overview of Internet business and the various components and skills required

  • Learn what Internet marketing is and what to focus on to succeed

  • How to register a domain name for your Internet business

  • How to sign up for a web host for hosting of web site, web pages and/or WordPress blogs

  • How to use the domain control center to accomplish simple tasks like how to configure name servers to point to your web host, how to forward a domain to another

  • How to use the common cPanel features to set up your domain on your web host such as email accounts, email forwarding, addon domains, file manager, and Fantastico

  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) basics like HTML structure of basic web page, how to create hyperlinks with anchor text and how to edit an existing web page

  • How to plan, design and create a direct response web site with downloadable NUV Kompozer HTML software

  • Learn how to FTP web pages and files to the web host with downloadable Filezilla FTP software

  • An overview of hosting of WordPress blog on own domain as long term 'website' platform for niche marketing

  • An overview of autoresponders and their roles and functions  and introduction to industry standard products like GetResponse and 1ShoppingCart

  • How to create and manage autoresponders and how to add sequence of email messages

  • How to create HTML form and incorporate into web page or blog to capture names and email addresses of visitors who opt in so as to build a list of prospects and/or customers

  • What is keyword research and how you can apply to improve ranking in search engines for web sites and blog posts

  • Affiliate marketing basics like the different types of programs and which are the profitable programs to promote

  • How to sign up for various affiliate programs (such as Clickbank, Google AdSense and Amazon)#

  • How to promote affiliate products using simple and yet effective strategies

#Clickbank, Google AdSense, Amazon are trademarks of their respective companies

1) Course Duration: This is a 2-day hands' on workshop. See the box above for details.

2) Instructors and Class Size: Either myself or a suitably competent internet marketer will be the coach**. If necessary, assistant coaches will be provided to help with the hands' on practice and exercises.

However, when a substitute coach is necessary due to exigencies of service, we will only replace with an equivalent, competent and experienced Internet marketer. The class size is restricted to 5 to 40 students per workshop.
3) Venue: Singapore ONLY: The workshop will be conducted at my BRAND NEW Office at:

135 Middle Road
Bylands Building, #03-03
Singapore 188975

4) Methodology:
(a) We will NOT only teach but show you as well as to let you practice the steps for those skills you need to acquire. In fact, we expect you to follow the basic hands' on practice and exercises in class.
(b) 12 months' email support
5) Expectation

(a) All students MUST be willing to participate in this hand-on process to achieve effective results

(b) Students must bring along their own laptops with wireless card in working condition. Broadband Internet wireless access is provided. If you do not have your own laptop, one can be provided for your use at a reasonable fee.

(c) You are also expected to have a valid credit card** for:

  • Registration of domain name (less than US$10 per year)***

  • Registration of web hosting (US$0.01 for 1st month and subsequently less than US$10 per month)***

  • Registration of autoresponder service (US$18 per month)

** If necessary, we recommend that you apply for a debit card from a local bank (such as DBS/POSB) in advance if you do not wish to use or do not possess a credit card. This will usually take less than a week.
*** SPECIAL Discount will be provided for domain name registration during the class. Also, depending on the web host you choose, you can register up to 4 or unlimited domains. Details will be made known during the class.

6) Risk-free Ironclad No Questions Asked FULL REFUND GUARANTEE

A 'No Questions Asked' FULL refund* will be given to the student if he/she decides that the course is not suitable for him/her immediately after the first day. His/her intention must be made known to the coach immediately after the first day. Thereafter NO refund will be given.

NOTE: I've given back ONE full refund since 2007 not because the student is not satisfied with my teaching... and it was because her level is way beyond the newbie stage.

* Refunds will be made in the same mode of payment (where possible) and in the same currency. For example, if you paid in US Dollars via Paypal , we will refund you in US Dollars via Paypal. Refunds in other modes of payment is subject to mutual agreement.

In case the student is unable to attend any of the days due to unforeseen circumstances, he/she may join another workshop for make up lesson within three months.

Typically, we conduct at least 1 'Internet Marketing Skills' workshop per month.


I could easily charge you at least a thousand dollars for this step-by-step, systematic, class-room styled workshop with hands' on practice and exercise. But I'm not going to do that... You will make just a small investment of  US$1,000   US$500    US$299   US$199   US$99** (Normal US$199 - You Save US$100 if you register TODAY for our New Office CELEBRATION SPECIAL OFFER for the 2-day workshop! The longer you take to decide the more you need to invest. So, it really pays to decide fast!

**US$99 is approximately S$138 at today's exchange rate.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The New Office CELEBRATION Offer (SAVE US$100) will end on midnite of 30 Nov 09 or EARLIER without notice when the class is full...and the price will return to NORMAL after that...

New Office CELEBRATION Offer (Saves US$100) 30-Nov 09 US$99.00**
Normal 1-Dec 09 onwards US$199.00 (NORMAL)

**US$99 is approximately S$138 at today's exchange rate.


We conduct this workshop every month. Even if you cannot attend the workshops on 14-15th Nov 09, you still can attend during other months...up to 30th June 2010.

As long as you enroll TODAY, you are making a wise decision because you are reserving your seat at this Celebration Offer Price which will NEVER BE REPEATED again. So, ACT NOW before it's gone!

Click here to ENROLL NOW

If you're thinking that I'm out of my mind, here's my reason for doing this ...

I'm truly sick and tired of so-called gurus charging you $1,500 or $2,000 for just a two or three-day weekend seminar or a virtually free seminar (so that they can sell you another $2,000 backend coaching) and at the end of it, you're totally lost, not knowing what to do because they're simply overloading you with lots of information in an unsystematic and disorganized way!

I understand that you are investing your hard-earned money for your and your family's future. So, my business partners and I want to provide you good value at the most reasonable investment that will not put a dent to your wallet. In fact at the end of the workshop, you will even walk away with at least one online business, ready to market to start making your first dollar online!


We celebrated our NEW OFFICE on 7th Nov 2009 and frankly, I don't move office everyday and this is just my way of showing my gratitude to my Lord Jesus, the Universe as well as to all my fellow human beings!

(a)  Course Fees:  US$1,000   US$500    US$299   US$199   US$99** (Normal US$199 - You Save US$100 if you register TODAY for our New Office CELEBRATION SPECIAL OFFER for the 2-day workshop!

(b)  All students must register in advance and course fees payable in advance before commencement of the workshop. No student will be accepted into the class without registration and payment of course fees.

1) READY-MADE ONLINE BUSINESS: One READY-MADE online business will be made available to you at the end of the class which had been proven to convert to help you start making your first dollar online.
2) UNANNOUNCED BONUSES: These will be made available to you during the course to save you as much time and money as possible such as videos, private and secret resources. (Priceless - this alone is worth your measly investment!)

3) POST-WORKSHOP FOLLOW-UP: We have made provision for those who need further mentoring for a small tuition fee. Details of this will be made known during the workshop. In addition, we have developed many value-added workshops (such as blogging, pay per click marketing, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to add value to your continuous education at reasonable investment. Our aim is not to break your bank but to build up your arsenal of internet skills as much as we can so that you can succeed in your online business over time.

4) REFERRAL PROGRAM: Once you have completed the course, you will be entitled to earn a referral fee when you refer others for future classes.  The details will be made known to you ONLY during the course.

As you can see, seats are limited and I'm not charging you an arm and a leg. But seriously, I can't promise you that I won't increase the course fees in the next run! In fact, many students who went through the course said that they have learned a lot and most importantly, some got at least an online business up and running at the end of the class.

You see...

I've been in this business for nearly 3 years now... and it is time to expand...

In fact, we just moved to a far more conducive office which is 3.5 times bigger than our existing office!

And... that's what we did -

We moved one floor above to #03-03 (LEEDS ROOM) within the same Bylands Building so as to serve you better.

So, here's our NEW Office Celebration *BONUS* for you:

Thus, in view of the NEW Office, we decided to make a Special ONE TIME Bonus to you:

If you enroll for our Internet Marketing Skills workshop this month, you'll be eligible to a 2-hour Group Mentoring Session (Value S$70) which is a follow-up session after the workshop to help you even more!

So hurry now to get one more step ahead in life towards your Internet 'dream' lifestyle where you can make money while you sleep. All you have to do is to click the link below to enroll now:


Yes, Roger, I Want To Enroll In Your

Internet Marketing Skills

2-Day Workshop At ONLY US$99 (approx S$138)


I Understand That I Will Be Eligible For The 'New Office Celebration Offer' ( A 2-Hour Follow-Up Group Mentoring Session (Value S$70 ) After The 2-Day Workshop



Processed Through PayPal Secure Payment Gateway

(I reserve the right to end this discount at anytime without warning.)

Oh yes...just for you because you're still part of a privileged small group now. You have direct access to me when you encounter any challenges in your projects but I wouldn't say the same for later batches...


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Mobile: (65)96840454

P.S. You owe it to yourself to learn your INTERNET MARKETING SKILLS so that you can benefit from any future Internet marketing seminars, workshops and boot camps effectively in order to make good money online.

This will be your spring board for such a measly fee for you to truly skyrocket your online business to make money while you sleep in the months and years to come! So, hurry ... as the seats are limited:

Click here to reserve your seat now. . .

P.P.S. If you need any clarification, feel free to contact me at my mobile no. (65)96840454. I'll be glad to take your call or answer your sms text message.

Click here to reserve your seat now. . .

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